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The time value for the future

The lifetime of each individual is - always and everywhere - worth the same.

The Age coin is based on exactly this principle - it reflects exactly an hour of life.


But what exactly is the coin?

The Age Coin represents a revolutionary new transaction medium.

Age Coin is the reliable broker of work in the neighborhood. Work is remunerated according to the principle of time credit. This creates a sustainable and fair system for everyone who joins in the system.

Age Coin's name refers to the age at which one will first use up their saved coins before having to access their account to pay for the services.

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No more coins..... buy your coins online

The invested value of AGE-COIN is invested in AGE-COIN FUND through ESG norms. The purchase of an AGE-COIN entitles the buyer to an ESG AGE - COIN of the same value. The value that is purchased entitles the purchaser to become a shareholder in the company. This creates an alternative Platform to enhance your financial situation. Our goal is to enhance longevity for Human Mankind and invest in Groundbreaking Technologies to ensure prosperity in the whole world.

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