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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) I. GENERAL REGULATIONS

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Age Coin regulate, on the one hand, the rights and obligations of customers (hereinafter "CUSTOMERS") who have their data entered in the Age Coin directory   and who offer their services via the Internet platform "www.» (incl. all subdomains) from Age Coin   and use the integrated message system. On the other hand, these GTC regulate the rights and obligations of the other users (hereinafter "USERS") of the Internet platform "" (including all subdomains) of Age Coin, specifically their "Forum" function.

2. A contract is concluded between the CUSTOMER/USER and Age Coin   by completing the account opening on the internet platform "" or by placing an advertisement in the "Forum" section. . All persons are authorized to open an account – i.e. as a CUSTOMER  . The GTC are an integral part of all contracts between the CUSTOMER/USER and the company  Age Coin.

3. Age Coin   reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without giving reasons. The changed conditions will be sent to the registered CUSTOMERS by e-mail at least two weeks before they come into effect. If a CUSTOMER does not object to the validity of the new GTC within two weeks after receipt of the e-mail, the changed GTC are deemed to have been accepted. Age Coin will separately inform CUSTOMERS of the importance of this two-week period in the email containing the amended terms.

4. The CUSTOMER accepts these GTC when registering online by registering   ("registration") with an X-confirmation and with any written registration with his signature. The USER accepts these terms and conditions by placing an advertisement. II. SERVICES BY Age Coin.

5. Age Coin provides a directory in which the CUSTOMERS can enter their name, age, profile picture, language, offer/services, etc. themselves in the future through a personal account. The scope of the directory and the possible information depends on the respective account of the CUSTOMER. Age Coin   can make further offers to the CUSTOMER in addition to the basic settings (e.g. regular .). With the help of the Internet platform Age Coin   and the message system integrated into it, CUSTOMERS have the opportunity to make their offer/service known to other Internet users and interested persons or companies and to contact interested parties.

6. In addition, USERS have the option of placing targeted advertisements under the "Forum" heading in order to inform service providers or to look for CUSTOMERS. In addition to the portal, Age Coin offers an APP (Age Coin®) with which USERS can find registered CUSTOMERS of Age Coin   based on their location and contact them. The CUSTOMER cannot decide for himself in his personal profile whether he can be found with the APP. The following data of the CUSTOMER can be viewed in the APP: first name, first letter of the surname, availability, mobility, last online, member and other information from the Age Coin portal regarding activities, about me, learned profession, previous jobs and the ratings of the CUSTOMER . Age Coin also promotes the CUSTOMERS individually with this APP by highlighting individual CUSTOMERS.

7. A service contract between the CUSTOMER and the interested person/company or USER is negotiated solely between these two parties on the basis of the Age Coin payment, and is only concluded between these two parties. Age Coin does not act as a recruiter, nor does Age Coin hire its own staff.

8. The entries in the directory are sorted according to the rules applied by Age Coin, which are not disclosed to the CUSTOMER. Age Coin   reserves the right to change these rules at any time.

9. The CUSTOMER is responsible for keeping the access data for his account secret and not making it accessible to third parties. If the access data is lost or disclosed to third parties, the customer will immediately inform Age Coin, which will block the access data and send the CUSTOMER new access data for his account.

10. Age Coin expressly reserves the right to change, supplement, delete or dissolve parts or the entire website without prior notice. III. CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS

11. The basic offer of the platform is exclusively free for everyone. The CUSTOMER must benevolently take this fact into account. He acknowledges and agrees that the Internet platform is financed, among other things, by advertising revenue and that advertising is published on the Internet platform for this purpose.

12. The additional offers for CUSTOMERS, such as the sale of Age Coin to customers, can only be processed via the Age Coin platform. The taxes that apply to the sale are listed at the time of sale and can be viewed when this feature is developed.

13. The CUSTOMER and the USER undertake not to make any illegal or immoral entries on their account, in their advertisement or in the context of messages via the messaging system, or to offer or seek illegal or immoral services. In addition, both the CUSTOMER and the USER are solely responsible for the content of their entry, offer, advertisement or communication, in particular with regard to the truthfulness of their information and with regard to company, trademark, competition and personal rights issues. RENTARENTNER is not obliged to check the content of the entries.

14. Entries, offers, advertisements and communications that are inaccurate or deceptive, contrary to public interest, serve an unlawful purpose, or in the opinion of Age Coin   are immoral or defamatory, as well as the feelings and well-being of others CUSTOMERS and USERS could infringe, Age Coin can reject, correct or immediately remove from the Internet platform.

15. The CUSTOMER and the USER are prohibited from offering or requesting goods of any kind on the platform, from placing advertising for services or offers from third parties or from placing direct or indirect links to such services or offers. It is also not permitted to collect the data available on the Internet platform and to use it for purposes that do not correspond to the spirit and purpose of Age Coin's Internet platform or are contrary to the interests of Age Coin^^.

16. The CUSTOMER/USER is responsible for ensuring that any (social) insurance contributions, taxes and duties incurred for his activities are correctly billed. Any accident and liability insurance that affects the activities/services of the CUSTOMER and USER is also the responsibility of the CUSTOMER/USER.

17. The CUSTOMER is responsible for keeping the access data for his account secret and not making it accessible to third parties. If the access data is lost or disclosed to third parties, the customer will immediately inform Age Coin, which will block the access data and send the CUSTOMER new access data to his account.

18. If the CUSTOMER or USER violates their aforementioned obligations, Age Coin expressly reserves the right to immediately deactivate the account or delete the advertisement. IV. LIABILITY OF RENTARENTNER

19. To the extent permitted by law, Age Coin   is excluded from any liability. In particular, Rage Coin is not liable for the entries, offers and advertisements made by CUSTOMERS and USERS as well as messages via the message system. In the case of incorrectly transmitted entries, offers and advertisements as well as messages via the messaging system, Age Coin is only liable for proven damage and only if the CUSTOMER or USER can prove that Age Coin caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence. Furthermore, Age Coin assumes no liability for the services accepted and provided by CUSTOMERS.

20. Liability for lost sales by the CUSTOMERS and USERS, internet failures, misuse by third parties and loss of data on the information system or the CUSTOMERS' directory is also excluded.

21. Age Coin is generally not liable for technical problems. In particular, Age Coin is not liable for the temporary unavailability of the website/internet platform, the failure of individual or all functions or for malfunctions. V. TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIP

22. The contract between the CUSTOMER and Age Coin is concluded for an indefinite period.

23. The free basic offer can be terminated at any time without giving reasons.

24. Age Coin can terminate the contractual relationship at any time and without notice for important reasons - in particular in the event of misuse of the platform or breaches of duty by the CUSTOMER.  

25. The data provided by CUSTOMERS and USERS will be stored, processed and published on the website in accordance with Age Coin's performance obligation

26. Age Coin observes the legal requirements of Swiss data protection legislation when processing data. The CUSTOMER and the USER agree - this can be updated at any time in the USER's personal settings on the CUSTOMER's portal - that their data may be recorded and processed by RENTARENTNER for the purposes of market research and the optimization of services. RENTARENTNER can pass this data on to third parties in an anonymous form. Non-anonymized data can only be passed on to third parties with the consent of the CUSTOMER/USER.

27. The CUSTOMER/USER can request access to the data available about him at any time and request their correction and, if necessary, deletion.

28. By accepting the GTC, the CUSTOMER agrees that his services may be evaluated on the Internet platform until he withdraws his consent in writing. In addition, he agrees to receive newsletters from Age Coin until written revocation. VII. FINAL PROVISIONS

29. Should individual provisions of these GTC be void and/or ineffective in whole or in part, the validity and/or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or parts of such provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid and/or ineffective provisions will be replaced by provisions that come as close as possible to the meaning and purpose of the invalid and/or ineffective provisions in a legally effective manner. The same applies to any loopholes in the regulation.

31. All disputes between Age Coin and a (current or former) CUSTOMER/USER in connection with the contractual relationship are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction is the registered office of Age Coin.

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