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Imagine a world where...

Image by Rémi Walle
Image by Shane Rounce
Image by James Hose Jr

… everyone for everyone in the
community is there

... stand up in every situation
be able to leave those around you

... you a secure old age
in society

Unsere Vision: Unsere Dienstleistungen

However, the world looks different...

Image by Bernard
Image by Rod Long
Woman & Doctor
Covid 19

Increasing loneliness
through digitization

challenges through
demographic change

Unadjusted pension system


Unsere Vision: Dienstleistungen

At Age Coin we want to...

Image by Antenna
Image by Smart
Image by Markus Winkler

... the exchange within
promote society

... a concrete incentive for everyone
offer to get involved socially

... create a value that the
Everyone's performance is valued equally shared

Unsere Vision: Unsere Dienstleistungen

Why it needs us 

Back to the roots

About 12,000 years ago, in the Palaeolithic Age, people operated a so-called subsistence economy, which means they lived off self-sufficiency as hunters and gatherers. Each helped the other in the community, doing what would bring the most benefit to the group, with the expectation that others would do the same. So everyone has made their pure labor power available to the community in hourly form.

This system is exactly the right thing for our social life in the community today.


Now, thank God, we no longer have to worry about the division of labor to obtain our food, but we should actually have reached a point in history where we live in abundance and shouldn't have to worry about social

That's why the Age-Coin is just right for our time today.

Unsere Vision: Willkommen
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