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The Age Coin system

Not only do we want to offer a pure platform where everyone can bring their benefit to society at any time, but also to revolutionize the way we help each other. 

Find out here how to become active in the system.

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Das System: Über uns
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Platform and coin in one

Das System: Unsere Dienstleistungen
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Create a neighborhood platform for everyone, where everyone can offer their help or seek help

Any help provided will be exchanged for an Age Coin that reflects the actual lifetime spent

How you benefit from this system...

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Financial Data
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... no favours,
But a promise

Sustainable Wealth Growth 

... our lifetime has
no depreciation

Das System: Unsere Dienstleistungen

How can I participate in the System

Help my neighborhood

Whether young or old, everyone has hobbies and interests that they enjoy pursuing. Be it working in the garden, baking or learning languages.

Does your neighbor hate gardening or would like to learn a new language?

Why don't you help him or support him with activities that he can no longer carry out himself?

Take a look at our Forum

Let the neighbor help you

Do you know that?

The lawn would have to be mowed again or you would have to go shopping - but you don't have the time anymore or you just can't carry out some physical activities quite so easily yourself.


In your neighborhood there is certainly one or the other who happens to have to go shopping or would enjoy gardening.

Take a look at our forum


Das System: Unsere Dienstleistungen

How does the system work?

The sustainable promise
society to help each other

1. When you register for the first time, you will be credited with four coins.

2. Visit the forum and see how you can become active or how you can get help.

3. Contact a helper or someone in need of help

4. Help this person or get help.

5. Both the helper and the person being helped send an email to confirming that the activity is complete.

6. The helper will be credited within 24 hours for the help he has provided (actual time spent) in Age-Coin and debited from the person being helped.

7. Sit back and relax and be happy to have helped / to have been helped and thus to grow together as a society.

Das System: Infos
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